Printed Sources containing 'Hunnisett' Information

If you know of other publications where 'Hunnisett' ancestors can be found, please and I will add them to the list. Recent additions are at the top.

Jim Honeysett's memories of the Sussex Home Guard
BBC WW2 People's War pages

Although not strictly a printed source, this article written in 2005 by Jim Honeysett, appears on the BBC WW2 People's War pages and gives an interesting view of the Wartling Home Guard Platoon.

200 Years of Praise - The History of Herstmonceux Chapel 1811-2011
published by The Herstmonceux Free Church, Church Road, Herstmonceux

As well as a brief history of the chapel and some interesting excerpts from the minute books, this book contains transcripts of the church records. There are quite a few mentions of Herstmonceux Honeysetts in the 19th century and a few in the 20th century and some give lots of extra information. Those mentioned are mainly descendants of David Hunnisett of Warbleton or of Robert, presumed son of James Honeysett of Warbleton. The book was available though their website at

Mountfield Meanderings
published by Dog Kennel Pubs. Church Cottages, Mountfield, East Sussex TN32 5JS

Photographs of The Banks, home of Charles Egerton who employed Henry Honneysett (b. 1864 Battle) as a groom from at least 1881. Henry was a descendant of David Honeysett of Warbleton. There is also a photo of a wedding (about 1900) between Honeysett and Harris families; “some of the Honeysett family” making their purchases from a grocery van – 1940s? and a 1935 picture of the local school including Joan Honeysett.

Life in Catsfield: 1800-1910 History on our Doorstep

Includes a history of Charles Robert Honisett and his descendants, a prominent Catsfield family since the mid 19th century. Charles was a grandson of William and Esther of Herstmonceux.

Victorian Village: the diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton, curate and rector of Burwash, East Sussex, 1857-1888
Editor, Roger Wells - Pub. 1992 - ISBN 0750902744 & 0750902876

As well as giving an interesting commentary on village life, he details his visits and meetings with individuals and there are several mentions of the Honeysett family in the book.

Burwash and the Sussex Weald
By James Goodwin. Published by James Goodwin (undated)

Includes extracts from various parish accounts with entries for Thomas (1770 - 1842) of Burwash and his son John who was the miller at Dudwell Mill.

Burwash, Doomsday to Millenium
By John Barkshire. Published by John Barkshire (2000)

One reference to Edwin Honeysett who was the foreman of an inquest jury in 1865. Edwin was a son of John who appears on the page for Thomas (1770 - 1842) of Burwash.

Dallington, Six Miles from Everywhere: The History of a Sussex Village
By Karen Bryant-Mole

A piece about Stream Farm states that James Honeysett farmed there in the 1880s and that it had previously been known as Woodsell Farm.  The appendix lists inhabitants of Dallington from the 1891 census and includes James and his family. He was a son of Thomas (1799 - 1863).  Also in the list are John and William, both carpenters, and Albert who was William's son. John and William were illegitimate sons of Elizabeth who appears on the page for George (1772 - 1846).

Brickmaking in Sussex, a History and Gazetteer
By M Beswick. Published by Middleton Press for the Sussex Archaeology Society

There is mention of a brickyard at Hooe Common and information that Jesse Honeysett was a brickmaker there in 1881. He was from Bodle Street, died in 1882 and belongs to a family I have not yet linked into the main tree. The book also mentions Adams' brickyard in Sidley (see Images of England - Bexhill-on-Sea below).

Britain in Old Photographs - Blackheath
Compiled by Anthony H Page - ISBN 0-7509-2562-0 Sutton Publishing

5 photographs in this book relate to Ernest Honeysett, baker & Confectioner of Blackheath, Worcs. near Birmingham.  3 on pages 17 & 18 show Shell Corner where their shop was, all taken around 1930, p99 shows a group including Ernest's son Frank, and p104 shows Ernest with his new delivery van. Ernest was a descendant of Richard and Sarah of Dymchurch, Kent, a branch that I have not yet managed to link into the main tree.; Ernest's father Frederick was also a baker and it was he who moved from Kent to Worcestershire.

By Warbleton & District History Club

This booklet contains information about the 'Merry Harriers' Inn at Cowbeech, and a photograph of William Honeysett who was the licensee from 1878 until 1909. William was a great-grandson of David Honeysett (ca.1762).

The Windmills and Millers of Brighton
By H T Dawes (pub. 1988)

James Hunnisett ran the Hanover Mill (p.20) from 1868 until about 1876. Preston Mill (p.11) and Bear Mill (p.21) were run by Jesse Hunnisett in the late 1870s. Jesse was a son of Samuel of Hellingly.

Bygone Herstmonceux from Old Photographs
May 1982

This booklet contains a photograph (probably early 20th century) of a horse drawn cart which bears the legend "Honeysett Bros. Bakers & Confectioners". Standing with the horse is (presumably) one of the brothers. Stephen and Robert Honeysett were bakers in Herstmonceux according to the 1911 census and are known to have been brothers.

Battle & Robertsbridge in Old Photographs
Collected by Alan Gillet

This contains a photograph of "Honisett's Stores", Catsfield ca.1920. Charles Robert Honisett was Grocer & Postmaster here in the latter part of the 19th century. Charles was a descendant of William born in 1792.

Images of England - Bexhill-on-Sea
Compiled by Julian Porter MA - ISBN 0 7524 1144 6

p99 has a photograph of Adam's Brickyard, Sidley, ca.1890. Among the workmen pictured is Mr Honeysett. I have not identified who this would have been - can you help? The same photograph appears in Bexhill-on-Sea A pictorial History by Aylwin Guilmant, but dates it at ca.1900 and does not identify Mr Honeysett (he holds the horse).

Bexhill-on-Sea Observer
15 October 1999 ?

I'm told the Nostalgia Column carried a group photograph of the Auxiliary Fire Service at Sidley House, taken during WW2, and that one of the group was 'Punch' Honeysett, who was said to have 'died on the railway at Norman's bay' He also appeared in a Nostalgia Spot photograph (14 April 2000 edition) of a Bexhill dustcart and crew where he is identified as Michael 'Punch' Honeysett. I don't know which branch of the family he belongs to.