Adrian Hanyset

Adrian is known to have been in England from 1523 but how old he was when he arrived is not known. He may well have been a small child. ‘Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalisation for Aliens in England’ (Huguenot Society of London Vol VIII) has the following entry for 14 April 1541:

Adrian Hanyset from France - In England 18 years, having an English wife.

He had apparently married an English girl but when this was and whether they had any children was not recorded.

Adrian appears again in 1543 but this time in a Coroner’s report in Uckfield dated 30 October (KB 9/558, m.93):

Between 4 and 5pm on 28 July in Frankham Park in Wadhurst Adrian Annesett late of Wadhurst, 'Frengman', murdered Jordan Tassen late of Wadhurst, 'Frengman', with a knife called 'a Flemysprake' worth 3d. which was held in his right hand, giving him a wound in the right side 2 inches long of which he immediately died. John Annesett late of Wadhurst, 'Frengman', aided and abetted him in committing the murder, after which they both immediately fled.

A Flemysprake was a Flemish dagger and it is probable that John was a close relative of Adrian. Adrian was outlawed at Chichester on 10 April 1550, but was later pardoned. It is not known what happened to Adrian after he fled the scene of the murder.

An Adrian Heanwysee had two children buried in Horsham (where Jacques/James was living) in the late 1550s but whether this was the same Adrian is not known. Nothing more is known about that Adrian either.