David Honeysett (1770 - 1830) of Rye

David Honeysett, son of John, miller of Beckley, and his 3rd wife Sarah, was baptised in Beckley on 8 April 1770. In 1783 David was apprenticed to John Walker, a cordwainer in Rye. He married Frances Beeching in Rye on 30 April 1793 and they appear to have had at least 6 children although no baptisms have yet been found:


ca. 1795


ca. 1796


ca. 1798


ca. 1800


ca. 1803


ca. 1810

David is believed to have worked as a shoemaker in Rye as that was the occupation recorded for him on his daughter, Ann's, marriage certificate. David died aged 60 and was buried in Rye on 1 June 1830.

In 1841 his widow, Frances, and his daughter, Jane, were living in High Street, Rye, and both were working as bakers.

Frances died aged 79 and was buried in Rye on 15 October 1843.

Of their children:

  • Frances married John Millener in Rye on 17 January 1821. Two of their children, Mary and Frances, were staying with their grandmother, Frances Honeysett, in 1841.┬áJohn died before 1851 and Frances died in 1874.
  • William, a hatter, was recorded as insolvent in 1821. He married Mary Cox in Rye in 1834 and had a daughter, Catherine, in 1839. The 1841 census records him as a hatmaker living in Jarrets Yard, Rye, but in 1851 he was shown as a gardener. He died before 1861. Catherine died in 1867 and Mary in 1878.
  • Jane died, unmarried, aged 49, and was buried in Rye on 2 March 1848.
  • David married Hannah Fryer in Rye on 1 June 1824 and they had two daughters; Elizabeth in 1834 and Amelia in 1836. They lived in Rye High Street, where the 1839 Directory of Sussex lists him as a confectioner, and David was the local Relieving Officer until he died in 1856, leaving a will. Hannah, proprietor of houses in 1861, died in 1869. Neither of their daughters married but continued to live together in Rye until they died, Elizabeth in 1918 and Amelia in 1919.
  • Ann married Samuel Cloud, a schoolmaster from Shropshire, in Rye on 5 April 1839. They lived in Condover, Shropshire, and had two daughters. Ann died in 1865.
  • Mary married William Lindridge in Rye on 19 February 1833. They had 4 children and ran the post office in Rye. Mary died in 1865.