David Honeysett (born ca.1762) of Warbleton

David Honeysett's baptism has not yet been found so it is uncertain who his parents were, but it is likely that he was an early child of John and Mary who were married in Herstmonceux in 1755. No baptisms have been found for their children until 1764 when their son William was baptised in Warbleton. They then had several more children baptised in Herstmonceux. Both John's father and grandfather were called David so it is likely that he would have called one of his early sons by that name. None of the later ones were, so this David is a strong candidate. Also, all of David's children were baptised at Heathfield Independent, as were the children of one of John's known sons, James.

David Honeysett, 'of Warbleton' married Mary Matthews in Herstmonceux on 26 September 1783. One of the witnesses was John Honeysett, possibly David's father. They had five children baptised at Heathfield Independent Church:


13 Jan 1784


14 Feb 1786


6 Nov 1787


28 Feb 1790


22 Jan 1792

In 1841 David, aged between 75 and 79, was living at Bodle Street with his son David and his family. He may have died in 1845.

Nothing more is known of David and Mary, but of their children:

  • Philly may have married John Roberts in 1806.
  • Thomas married twice and lived in Bexhill.
  • David married Elizabeth Cornford and lived in Warbleton.