'Hunnisett' Family Gathering

Saturday 23rd July 2005
Windmill Hill Tennis & Golf Academy, Sussex

In September 2004 Joanne Becker, who lives in New York but has relatives in the Herstmonceux area, came to England to visit family and do some research. During her visit eight of us met for dinner at the Yew Tree in Arlington and the idea of a family gathering was born. So this year invitations were sent out to lots of 'Hunnisett' researchers and Joanne booked the Windmill Hill Tennis and Golf Academy for the afternoon of Saturday 23rd July. In the end about 75 people turned up, most of whom are pictured below (photo by Andrew Friend). Very few had met up before although some had been in contact with each other in the course of their research. I printed off a set of colour-coded name tags and created a simplified chart showing how everybody was related. About 90% were either descended from the main tree or married to someone who was!

As we arrived everyone was given their name badge and then we congregated at the pool-side bar and as it was such a lovely day we were able to sit outside around the pool or inside in the shade. Everyone mingled and began to find other people who were descended from the same branch of the family, charts were compared, photographs pored over and information swapped. People met up with other researchers they had sometimes been corresponding with for years but never met before.

We then moved into the dining hall for a buffet lunch and coffee, following which Joanne and I said a few words and then we all went outside to have the group photo taken. After that we continued to mingle for a while until, all too soon, it was time to break up the party and go home. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day and the feedback we got was very positive.

Our thanks go to Gary, Manfred and the rest of the staff of Windmill Hill who made us feel very welcome, took care of all the registration procedure and provided us with an absolutely first-class buffet lunch.

Below the photograph is a key identifying all the people.

Photo of the gathering
Index to the photo

 1 Jonathan Hunnisett

 2 Pat Dowling

 3 Brian Hunnisett

 4 Jim Hunnisett

 5 Sharan Hunnisett

 6 Jason Hunnisett

 7 Basil Hunnisett

 8 Gary Hunnisett

 9 Paul Hunnisett

10 Amy Hunnisett

11 Nicola Hunnisett

12 Eileen Bittle-Britt

13 Valerie Owens

14 Lyn Dixon

15 Philip Honeysett

16 John Honneysett

17 John Hunnisett

18 Richard Friend

19 John Friend

20 Malcolm Hunnisett

21 Patricia Hunnisett

22 Bill Dudley

23 Pam Dudley

24 Jennifer Hunnisett

26 Judith Jones

27 Margaret Somerville

28 Richard Jenkins

29 Michael Ganley

30 Linda Jeffery

31 Noula

32 Tony Honeysett

33 Hettie Friend

34 Myra Bristow

35 Sandra Fairway

36 Melanie Hunnisett

37 Pat Hunnisett

38 Joan Bearman

39 John Hunnisett

40 Martin Dudley

41 Frank Honeysett

42 Caroline Lancaster

43 Linda Cripps

44 Valerie Hunnisett

45name withheld

46 Cris Penfold

47 David Honeysett

48 Jacqui Penfold

49 David Hunnisett

50 Karen Albrecht

51 Cynthia Honeysett

52 Victor Bristow

53 Jim Honeysett

54 Angie Catt

55 Bob Catt

56 Eileen Honeysett

57 Steven Stroud

58 Barbara Sanders

59 Janina Stroud

60 Wendy Honeysett

61 Doris Honeysett

62 Elizabeth Ganley

63 Judith Hunnisett

64 Ted Shelley

65 Peter Hunnisett

66 Stephanie Goffin

67 Molly Hunnisett

68 Charlie Hunnisett

69 Jordan Hunnisett

70 Kallum Hunnisett

71 Martin Stroud

72 Janet Hunnisett

73 Sandra Shelley

74 Joanne Becker