John Honeysett (1777 - 1818?) labourer of Headcorn, Kent

John, a son of John and Sarah, was baptised in Headcorn on 13 April 1777. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are known to have had six children baptised in Headcorn:


19 Apr 1801


6 Feb 1803


27 Jan 1805


14 Jun 1807


14 Jan 1810



buried 24 Sept 1812


15 Feb 1814

born 23 Sep 1813

No baptism has been found for the Elizabeth buried in 1812, but it may have been John's and Elizabeth's child.

The 1814 baptism described John as a labourer:

A John Honeysett, aged 44, was buried in Headcorn on 20 November 1818 - was this John?

Of John's children:

  • John married Maria Gibson in 1836 and lived in Sutton Valance with two children. John was an agricultural labourer and died in 1887.
  • William married Jane Oliver in 1826.
  • Robert was an agricultural labourer and lived in East Sutton. He married Mary Sherwood in 1832 but was apparently widowed before 1841. In 1848 he married Mary Ann and they had a daughter Eliza. Mary died in 1877 and Robert in 1882. Eliza married Walter Clout and they lived in Sutton Valance.
  • James, a labourer, married Hannah Munn in 1834 and they had three children baptised in Headcorn, before emigrating to settle in Michigan, USA, where descendants still live.