John Honeysett (1729 - 1775) of Dallington

John, the eldest son of John and Martha, was baptised in Dallington on 30 December 1729. In 1734 his great-aunt Mary left him a crown to buy him a bible. He married Mary Cruttenden in Dallington on 3 November 1761 and they had four children baptised there:


13 Mar 1763


10 Nov 1765


6 Sep 1767

(died 1769?)


14 Jan 1770

According to ROHAS Tenement Analysis a John Honeysett, probably this one, was the tenant of Flaskets Cottage, Dallington in 1766. John was buried in Dallington on 13 May 1775 and Mary on 17 February 1789.

  • John probably married Elizabeth Godden in Dallington on 6 July 1789. The only child of the marriage appears to have been Mary who was baptised on 2 November 1799 and married George Sands in 1817. It seems likely that John worked for his grandfather's wheelwright business and took over running it when his grandfather died in 1780, his father having already died. It is known that in 1866 Simon Bates, aged 75, claimed that he bought the wheelwrights shop at Woods Corner in 1815 from John Honeysett, with whom he had served his apprenticeship some years earlier, but no conveyance was executed. The accounts of the Ashburnham Estate show payments to Honeysett and Co for limestone mining and they are believed to relate to pits on Poundsford Farm, just north of Dallington . However it is not know which Honeysett this refers to. There was also a specific payment to John Honeysett on 2 January 1802 but it was not recorded what for. That payment could have been to this John for wheelwright services. John was buried on 25 August 1815 and his widow remarried on 5 November 1816 to William Walter, a widower.
  • Mary probably had a son, John, baptised in Brightling on 28 June 1789.
  • Thomas married twice and lived in Burwash.