Richard Honysett (1723 - 1781) of Herstmonceux

Richard, the son of Richard and Ann, was baptised in Herstmonceux on 12 April 1723.  His father died when he was only 10 and a year later he inherited a house in Westham from his Aunt Mary.  What became of this house is not clear as Richard seems to have lived in Herstmonceux all his life.  Perhaps the house was sold despite being willed to him 'and to his heirs forever'.  His mother died in 1745 and he took on the leases of 'Walland' and part of 'The Tongs & Haynes', two plots of land originally leased to his father.

He married Elizabeth Edwards, the daughter of Henry and Catherine Edwards, in Herstmonceux on 11 June 1745 where they had seven children baptised:


20 Apr 1746


6 Mar 1747/8


29 Jul 1750


3 Nov 1753


2 May 1757


13 Jun 1759


16 Sep 1761

From 1760 Richard was the tenant of 'Mables' which he leased from his father-in-law Henry Edwards who had purchased it for £230 in 1723. The property, also known as 'Marbles', 'Bartons' or 'Ponts Bartons', consisted of a house, a barn, an orchard and other land and probably became the family home. In 1780 he purchased it from Catherine Edwards, Henry's widow, along with another property at White Dyke, Hailsham. When Richard died the property at White Dyke passed to his son Henry who later sold it shortly before his own death. 'Mables' was eventually sold by Richard's heirs in 1790 for £360.

Richard was buried in Herstmonceux on 28 September 1781 and Elizabeth on 14 January 1802. Neither appears to have left a will.

Of their children:

  • Henry married Elizabeth Erray (or Arry) from Ninfield and they lived in Hailsham with their children. His will of 1788 indicates that he owned land in Hailsham, Herstmonceux and Wartling.
  • Richard was a 'marsh looker' and lived in the Herstmonceux area.
  • James married Mary Miller in 1784 and lived in Westham.
  • William was a grocer in Herstmonceux and married Mary. This would have been the marriage to Mary Bicknell in Herstmonceux in 1799 which may explain why they had no children as she was probably about 40 then. However according to his will in 1811 William had an illegitemate daughter, Mary, by Hannah Tanner, born in Herstmonceux on 26 October 1783.