James Honysett (1750 - 1826) of Westham

James Honysett, a son of Richard and Elizabeth, was born in 1750 and married Mary Miller (1755 - 1821) from Herstmonceux in 1784. Banns were called in Westham on 18 and 25 July and 1 August and the marriage took place in Herstmonceux on 8 August. They appear to have had one son baptised in Herstmonceux six years before they married! Six other children were baptised in Westham:


22 Mar 1778



19 Jun 1785

born 31 May - Westham


16 Sep 1787

born 2 Sep


27 Sep 1789

born 14 Sep


20 May 1792

born 26 Apr


6 Jul 1794

born 7 Jun - died 1808


5 Nov 1797

born 5 Oct

James was an agricultural labourer and appears to have inherited none of the wealth of his forebears.

Mary died aged 65 and was buried in Westham on 1 April 1821. James died when he was 75 and was buried in Westham on 26 January 1826.

  • William married Winifred Manser and lived in Westham with their family.
  • James married Ann Ward in 1807 and they had a daughter, Mary, the following year. However Mary died when she was less than a year old and Ann died the following year. James then married Elizabeth Streeter in 1813 and they had a son James in 1814. In 1851 they were living in Hunnisett Cottage, Hankham, Westham.
  • Ann married Jesse Humphrey (born ca. 1790) in Westham on 16 November 1810 and in 1851 they were living at Chapel House, Seaside, Eastbourne.
  • Henry married Philadelphia Woods in 1814 and they lived in Westham with their children.
  • Elizabeth died when she was only 14 and was buried in Westham on 29 December 1808.
  • Richard married Susannah Hemsley in 1819 and they had a son, Thomas, in Westham.