Thomas Honeysett (1764 - 1841) of Stone in Oxney

Thomas, the eldest son of Joseph and Ann, was baptised in Stone on 15 April 1764. He married Jane (sometimes known as Jenny) Stutely, a minor, on 24 October 1787 and they appear to have had four children in Stone, the first of which was born before the marriage:


23 Sep 1787


29 Jan 1791


20 Jan 1793


27 Dec 1801

bur 22 Nov 1811

Thomas and Jane were both described in the registers as paupers.

It was probably this Thomas who appeared at the Maidstone Assizes in 1788 accused of bird stealing. He seems to have appeared again in 1813 accused of feloniously cutting hop bindings, of which he was acquitted.

Jenny Honeysett was buried in Stone, aged 59, on 23 April 1829.

Thomas was buried in Stone on 25 January 1841 aged 77.