John Honnisett (1702/3 - 1780) Wheelwright of Dallington

John, the eldest son of David and Elizabeth, was baptised in Hailsham on 19 January 1702/3. The family moved to Dallington in about 1706 where they lived in Brooklands Farm Cottage. On 17 November 1728 he married Martha Greenfield in Dallington where they had thirteen children baptised:


30 Dec 1729


17 Oct 1731


29 Dec 1732


3 Feb 1733/4

probably buried 30 May 1734


6 Jun 1735


20 Mar 1736/7


26 Oct 1738

buried 24 April 1740


27 Jan 1739/40


19 Dec 1742

(or 1743?)


10 Feb 1744/5


26 Jul 1747


9 Dec 1749


7 Jun 1752

In 1733 John's aunt, Mary Hunnisett of Westham, left him 'the sum of five pounds' and 'his three children a crown apiece to buy them bibles'.

John Honysett appears on the Sussex Electoral Poll of 1734 as a resident of Dallington and a freeholder of Hastings. A fine of Whitby House, Hastings, then occupied by John Eilams, was levied in 1734; it passed from John Honeysett of Dallington, wheelwright, and his wife Martha, and John Steevens of Bexhill, husbandman, and his wife Mary to Edward Taught of Hastings, mariner. From 1734 until at least 1745 John was the tenant of a 'house and croft' beside Woods Corner in Dallington. Between 1755 and 1825 this had a land tax assessment of £2.

John was buried in Dallington on 27 January 1780 and Martha on 3 September 1785.

Of their children:

  • John Honeysett married Mary Cruttenden and lived in Dallington.
  • Martha married John Axhill in Dallington on 2 February 1762.
  • Samuel married Elizabeth Jarvis and lived in Dallington.
  • David married Ann Hack and lived in Brightling.
  • William married Elizabeth Veness and lived in Lamberhurst.