David Hunnisett (1792 - 1859)
of Warbleton

David, the youngest son of David and Mary, was baptised at Heathfield Independent church on 22 January 1792. Brought up in Warbleton, he married Elizabeth Cornford (1796-1858?) in Warbleton on 20 April 1816. They had the following children baptised at Heathfield Independent church:


16 Mar 1817

born 24 Jan


25 Dec 1818

born 24 Nov


27 Aug 1820

born 26 July


19 May 1822

born 21 Apr


1 Feb 1824

born 31 Dec 1823

Mary Ann

20 Nov 1825

born 23 Oct


29 Jul 1827

born 30 Jun


9 May 1830

born 6 Apr


26 Feb 1832

born 29 Jan


22 Jun 1834

born 13 May


19 Jun 1836

born 22 May


2 Sep 1838

born 2 Aug


12 Sep 1841

born 29 Jul

In 1841 David and Elizabeth and their younger children (Samuel to Charlotte) were living at Trumpets, Bodle Street. They also had David's father, David, living with them. In 1851 David, an agricultural labourer, and Elizabeth were still at Bodle Street with their three youngest children, Levi, Charlotte and Jane, and a 6-year-old granddaughter Lucy, Mary's daughter.

Elizabeth may have died in 1858. David died on 2 December 1859, having been ill for 2 years with heart disease.

Of their children:

  • Thomas married Mary Ann Balcomb and lived at Cowbeech.
  • David married Hannah and lived in Warbleton.
  • Trayton married Lucy Boniface and lived at Magham Down.
  • Eliza had a son, John Henry Hunnisett [81], baptised in Herstmonceux on 18 December 1842. She married John Pelling, a potter, at Chiddingly on 26 April 1843 and in 1851 they were living in Hollington and Eliza’s son John had adopted the surname Pelling. Eliza’s husband worked at the Tivoli Pottery, later known as the Silverhill Pottery in Hastings.¬†Eliza died of bronchitis in 1875.
  • Elizabeth married a farm labourer, Richard Wood, in 1843 and they lived in Bodle Street.
  • Mary had a daughter, Lucy, in 1844 who was baptised in Herstmonceux on 2 April 1848, aged 3 years and 6 months.
  • Samuel emigrated to Canada and is believed to have gone to Kingston, Ontario. Samuel and his mother are both referred to in a letter sent from Warbleton in 1850 to Thomas Bourne Cornford in Kingston.
  • William married Grace Mepham and lived in Ashburnham.
  • George married Emma Peat and lived in Ashburnham.
  • Levi married Ellen Horton and lived in Hailsham.
  • Jane was a servant in Kensington in 1861.