Photo Gallery

These pages contain photographs of 'Hunnisett' families and individuals mostly descended from people who can be found on the pages of this website. Most of the photographs have been sent to me by fellow researchers and descendants of the 'Hunnisett' families.

If you have old (say pre-1920) photographs of 'Hunnisett' ancestors I will consider including them on these pages, especially if you can identify the people in the photographs. Ideally you should scan them and send to me at but if you cannot scan them contact me for advice.

If you can add to the identities of any of the people in the photographs on these pages, please let me know.

Mary Honeysett 1795-1869
Mary Honeysett (née Field) 1795-1869

The earliest 'Hunnisett' ancestor I have recorded in a photograph is Mary Honeysett (née Field) born in 1795 and died in 1869. She was the wife of John Honeysett, the miller at Dudwell Mill in Burwash and more photographs of the family can be found in this gallery.

The earliest photographic processes date from the 1820s but portraits were rare before the 1850s when the introduction of the collodion process enabled much shorter exposure times. This produced a glass negative from which prints could be made onto paper.

A further development, in the mid 1850s, was the Ambrotype which used the collodion process and produced a positive print on the glass plate. This was then mounted in a case and sometimes tinted.

The 1870s saw the much more convenient dry plate process begin to be used and by 1885 the wet plates were obsolete. No longer did the mobile photographer need to take his darkroom with him to prepare the plates just before use.

Roll film superceded glass plates in the 1890s, when photography really took off, becoming accessible to anyone who could afford to buy a camera.