Descendants of George Honeysett (1772-1846)

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Charles' & Caroline's Children

Charles Honeysett and his wife Caroline lived in Willingdon with their seven children, six of whom are pictured below.
Photos supplied by Sarah Honeysett

Annie Louisa (1873), Lillian Mary (1882) and Kate Maria Jane (1875) Honeysett
photo of George Honeysett
George Edward Honeysett (1877-1930)
Photo of Harry Honeysett
Harry Croft Honeysett (1885-1961)
Photo of Charles Honeysett and family
Charles William Honeysett (1876-1948) and his wife Emma - ca.1910
children Marjorie (1900), Donovan (1907) and Charles Edward (1899)
Photo of Charles Edward Honeysett
Charles William's son Charles Edward
(1899-1982) pictured in 1917