David Honeysett (ca.1783 - 1845) of Ashburnham

David’s baptism has not been found and the 1841 census suggests that he was not born in the county of Sussex. Currently no link into the main Hunnisett family tree has been found.

David married Frances Veness (ca.1787-1851+) in Ashburnham on 14 October 1806 and they had the following children:


bn? 20 Jan 1812



21 Feb 1815

Heathfield Ind. - born 6 Nov 1814


8 Jul 1817

Heathfield Ind. - born 18 Feb 1817


18 Jun 1820

Heathfield Ind. - born 13 Apr 1820


16 Jun 1822

Heathfield Ind. - born 29 Apr 1822


28 Sep 1824

Heathfield Ind. - born 20 Aug 1824


17 Feb 1828

Heathfield Ind. - born 4 Nov 1827


7 Aug 1831


It seems likely there were other children early in their marriage but these have not been identified.

In 1841 David (57) and Frances (52) were at Bray’s Hill, Ashburnham, with their children; Samuel, William and Thomas. Also there was a 2-year-old Frederick Honeysett, son of their daughter Harriet who was a servant at Hollington Lodge, Hollington. Son James was a servant at Frankwell, Ashburnham.

David Honeysett of Ashburnham, aged 61, was buried in Ashburnham on 30 April 1845.

In 1851 Frances was in Burwash with her brother Samuel Veness, a retired wheelwright.

Frances’ death has not been found!

Of their children:

  • David was accused of stealing in 1835 but acquitted. In 1840 he was found guilty of larceny and sentenced to 6 months hard labour. He married Harriet Winchester in 1836 and they lived in Ashburnham with their six children. David died in 1853.
  • Sarah appears in the East Sussex Quarter Session records of 1839 when she was convicted of breaking into her parents’ home and stealing items from her mother and her sister, Harriet, along with goods from their landlord who also lived in the same house. She was convicted and sentenced to 6 months hard labour. Sarah appears to have worked all her life as a servant and never married.
  • Hannah married Henry Delia in Battle on 4 September 1836, witnessed by David Honeysett and Sarah Honeysett. She later married Joseph Crundwell in Tunbridge Wells on 22 May 1870. She died on 28 February 1898.
  • Harriet had an illegitimate son, Frederick, in 1838 who was with his grandparents in 1841. She married Jeremiah Miller in Hollington on 5 April 1842.
  • Samuel married Hannah Martin in 1844 but she died the following year. He then married Maria Creasey in 1852 and they lived in Hastings with their three children. Samuel was a bath chair man and died in 1894.
  • James married Harriet Ballard in 1847 and they lived in Ashburnham with their 3 children. James died in 1852, aged only 27.
  • William married Ann Denyer in 1850 and they had 5 children. However Ann died in 1868 and in 1869 William married Frances Hibbet in Brighton and they had a further 4 children. William was a greengrocer and died in 1886.
  • Thomas was a butcher’s servant in Brown Bread Street, Ashburnham, in 1851. He married Charlotte Primmer (1819-1891) of Yapton on 25 December 1861 at Brighton St Nicholas. In 1881 they were at 21 Boston Street, Brighton, and Thomas was a labourer. In 1891 they were at 22 Boston Street. Charlotte died in 1891 aged 72 and Thomas died in 1892 aged 60.