Thomas Henesett (ca. 1600 - 1639/40) Husbandman of Ninfield

Thomas was a son of Clement and Ann and would have been born in Westfield in about 1600. In 1616 he was to receive 'fyfteene pounds' from his father's will 'to bee payd him at the age of twenty yeares'. He married Tamasin Blackman in Ninfield on 2 November 1618 and they had six sons baptised in Ninfield:


8 Jun 1620


14 Jul 1622


28 Feb 1623/4


9 Feb 1625/6


29 Apr 1627


20 Oct 1633

Thomas Honiset, husbandman, of Ninfield went surety for a Catsfield marriage in 1619 and he was also juror on a Catsfield inquest in 1628.  ROHAS Tenement Analysis shows that Thomas Honeysett was the tenant of an unidentified property on the Moorhall estate in 1624. In 1636 Thomas purchased land, part of the Moorhall Manor estate in the parish of Ninfield. Tamasin was buried in Ninfield on 25 May 1639 and Thomas on 12 February 1639/40.

  • Joseph seems to have moved to Bexhill, married Margaret Harris in 1641, and had two sons, Henry in 1642 and John in 1643. After Margaret died in 1644 he married Ann Churwell/Chiverell and then himself died a few weeks later. What became of the children is not known.
  • David MAY have moved to Warbleton and had several children but if so no sons are known to have survived.
  • Adrian married Susanna Hollands and lived in Wartling.

There may well have been other children between David and Adrian; a possible candidate being William of Newenden, Kent, who referred in his deathbed will to his 'brother Athewll Hunnisett' who may have been Adrian.