Descendants of Walter Honeysett (1790-1867)

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Walter was a farmer in Dallington and he and his wife, Sarah, appear to have had 15 children. Two of his daughters, Jane and Ann, emigrated to Australia in 1839.

Jane Honeysett
Jane Honeysett (1814-1871).
She married John Colbran in 1833
and they emigrated to Australia
in 1839 taking her sister,
Ann, with them.
Photographed 1860s
Ann in 1870s
Ann Honeysett (1823-1901)
Photographed 1870s
Ann in 1891
Ann photographed in 1891
She married Lewis Hancock in 1846,
but he died later that year.
She then lived with William Sweet
by whom she had ten children.
4 generations
Ann photographed in about 1898 with 3 younger generations.
L-R granddaughter Minnie Inman (1872-1935), Ann, Minnie’s daughter Eileen Inman (1896-1974)
and Ann’s daughter Elizabeth Marlin (1848-1926), née Sweet.

These photographs were supplied by Scott Marlin, a descendant of Ann Honeysett.