Charles Hunnisett (1778 - 1834) of Chatham

Charles was another son of Henry and Elizabeth of Hailsham in Sussex.  He was baptised in Hailsham on 20 April 1778. His father died in 1791 leaving estate worth about £300.  He willed that each of his children who were under 21 should have £15 immediately, to 'put them to some good trade'. Charles, like his elder brother Henry, seems to have been apprenticed to a Wheelwright as that is the trade he later followed. When he became 21, being the youngest child, the remainder of his father's estate was to be shared between the five children. He seems to have followed his brother Henry to Chatham where on 21 November 1803 he married Sarah Dyke at St Mary's church. Their children included:


18 Aug 1805

St Mary's


24 Jan 1808

St Mary's


1 Jan 1809

St Mary's


20 Feb1814

St Mary's




11 May 1817

buried 18 Aug 1818 aged 20 months


ca. 1823 !

baptised 29 April 1827 !

Charles was buried in Chatham on 16 March 1834 aged 56.

Of their children:

  • Henry married Hephzibah and lived in Chatham.
  • William was living in Old Road in 1841 but then disappears until 1881 when he was in Rochester and said to be single. In 1891 he was recorded as a deaf inmate of the workhouse and a widower, although this last fact may have been a mistake in the census.
  • Harriet was living with William in Old Road in 1841 when the census gave her age as between 15 and 19. She married William Golsby in Gillingham on 2 February 1845, when she was said to be 'of full age'. William was a licenced victualler in Rochester and died in 1869. Harriet was still running the 'New Inn' in Rochester in 1871. In 1873 she married Henry Trott, a cattle dealer, with whom she lived at 152 St Pauls Road, St Pancras until at least 1891.