David Honeysett (1776-1840)
Wheelwright of London

David, a son of David and Ann, was baptised in Brightling on 29 August 1776. He was apprenticed to his father as a wheelwright in Brightling. David married Martha Screaton in Westminster on 3 June 1801 and they had one son, William, in 1803 but both Martha and William appear to have died soon afterwards. David then married Grace Pearson (ca.1780-1873) in Westminster on 1 October 1805. The deeds of his mother's property in Wadhurst state that in 1816 he was a coach wheelwright living at Grosvenor Mews, Berkeley Square, Middlesex. They had five children:


26 Dec 1806

Ann Grace

27 Nov 1808

Edward Henry

12 May 1811


26 Aug 1813


14 Jun 1816

David was buried at St Giles, Bloomsbury (St Giles-in-the-fields) in February 1840.

In 1841 Grace was shown in Marylebone High Street with her son, Edward, although Edward was also recorded in Seymour Street with his wife and children.

In 1851 Grace was living at 56 Seymour Street and had five of Edward’s children staying with her.

She later stayed with her son Edward until her death in 1873, aged 93. She was buried in Brompton Cemetery on 1 April 1873.

Of their children:

  • Charles died 16 November 1821 and was buried in South Audley Chapel Ground.
  • Ann married John Robert Urrey, a baker of Blackheath, at St George’s, Westminster on 26 September 1832. They had 4 children. Ann died in 1867 and was buried in Greenwich.
  • Edward married Emma King in 1834 and they had nine children. He was a bookseller and stationer and they had two shops in London, one in Marylebone High Street and one in Seymour Street. Edward died on 17 June 1879 and was buried in Brompton.
  • Clarissa married Jonathan King at St George’s, Westminster on 28 September 1834, the same day that her Brother Edward married Emma King, daughter of Jonathan’s cousin. Jonathan was originally a stone mason but later they owned a stationery business and Clarissa was well-known for making greetings cards, especially Valentine cards and was a noted lace paper maker. She died on 8 October 1892 and was buried in Highgate.
  • Emma married James William Pridham, a jeweller, at Old Church, St Pancras, on 8 March 1840 and they had five children. Emma died on 15 December 1907.