George Honeysett (1772 - 1846)
Carpenter of Dallington

George, a son of Samuel and Elizabeth, was baptised in Dallington on 5 April 1772. He married Ann Buss (1773-1843) in Battle on 2 October 1793 and they had the following children baptised in Dallington:


6 Apr 1794


31 Jul 1796


3 Dec 1799


20 Dec 1801


8 Jul 1804


5 Aug 1807



buried 15 Aug 1812 Dallington

In 1841 George and Ann were at Pardons in Dallington with their daughter and grand-daughter, Ann and Naomi Tugwell. Also with them was another grand-daughter, Ann, the daughter of their son John. George was shown as a carpenter.

Ann died and was buried in Dallington on 11 March 1843 aged 69. George died in 1846 but his burial has not been found.

Of their children:

  • Elizabeth had two illegitimate children baptised in Dallington and then married Samuel Pankhurst of Heathfield, where they lived.
  • Ann married Richard Tugwell of Horsham in 1821.
  • Mary may have married William Simmonds in 1820.
  • John married Martha Bunce and lived in Dallington.
  • Sarah probably married George Gosling in Heathfield in 1824.
  • Harriet married William Baxter of Brightling in 1826.